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breakfast burrito

America, North: mexican

This recipe is a part of our hispanic culture. Our grandparents made it and now our parents. The reason it is made is,it is a type of breakfast meal that feed a large family on a small budget. My great grandparents had ten children so this type of food was made more than once a day.


3Tbs. olive oil
6 potatoes, cut into cubes
1 log of chorizo (pork preferred)
6 med. eggs
pinch of salt


Heat skilet to medium heat, add oil and let it heat up. Then add potato cubes and let fry, mixing every 1-2 minutes witha plastic spatula. You can cover the potatoes, but try not mush them.
After the potatoes are brown and cooked throughly, push potatoes aside and add choizo, breaking it into pieces. After the chorizo gets watery, mix it up together with potatoes and add the eggs. Mix it all together and add a pinch of salt. Cook until the eggs are done. You can eat it wrapped in a flour tortilla, like a burrito. Serves six.

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