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Homemade Potato Salad

America, North: German

I have never been one to eat side salads at barbeque's except this one. I will only eat my mom's homemade potato salad. Since this is usually only made at family functions, whenever I taste my mom's potato salad it reminds me of the warmth you feel when surrounded by a family that loves you.


5 lbs Russet potatoes
8 hard boiled eggs
2 tbs sweet relish
1/2 jar sweet gherkin pickles
1 diced onion
4 pieces of celery
6 tbs mayonnaise


1. Prepare ingredients: dice onion, crop gherkins, chop celery, mash eggs
2. Boil potatoes, with skin on, until semi soft (easily poked with a fork)
3. Drain and cool.
4. Peel skin off potatoes
5. Rinse.
6. Chop potatoes into bite sized sections.
7. Add ingredients along with 3 tbs of gherkin pickle juice.
8. Mix with hands until well blended.
9. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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