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Potato Noquis

America, South: Argentine

The tradition in Argentina is to eat Potato Noquis on the 29th of every month. This is supposed to bring good fortune and luck; it brings a plentiful harvest. Here in the United States we follow the same tradition eating Potato Noquis on the 29th of each month. Its a family tradition, we all gather togther and enjoy Potato Noquis.


1 potato for each person.
1/3 cup of flour for each potato.
salt (to taste).


Cook the potatoes.
Mash the potatoes, add salt to taste.
Add the flour.
Mix it till you have a soft texture (if necessary add more flour).
Move the mixture to a flour covered table for forming.
Cut the mixture into small strips (more or less the size of a carrot).
Cut the strips into small squares.
Run a fork along the outside of each square to add design (optional).
Let them dry for a few minutes, keeping the squares separated so they don't stick.
Boil water with salt. Carefully add the squares to the boiling water.
Stir slowly and with care.
When the Noquies stop floating, stop the fire and strain them from the pot.
Noquies are great with tomato salsa and grated cheese.

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