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Holiday fondue

America, North: German

Every year on Christmas eve my husband's family sits around the table and cooks their dinner with a fondue pot. First they fill the pot with vegetable oil then light the fuel source underneath it. Secondly, different types of meat or vegetables that were pre-cut into bite-size pieces are divided amongst everyone. Next, you stab your meat or vegetable of choice with the fondue fork and place it into the sizzling pot. While the food is cooking everyone is sitting and talking with one another. Once the food is finished cooking you take it out and dip it into one of the bowls of sauces sitting on the table (normally a spicy sauce, a ranch sauce and of course a cheese sauce). The meal can take upwards of 2 hours to complete, but there are so many laughs and warm memories being shared no one seems to mind. My husband said when he was little that if the food were to drop off of the fork while it is cooking the owner of the dropped food has to go around the table and give everyone a kiss. This reciepe is very special because of the good food and the better memory-making that is created.


Fondue set, fresh vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces, dipping sauces (ranch, cheese, and a spicy one). People willing to share a great evening together.


Cut meats and vegetable into bite-sized pieces; cook according to directions with fondue set.

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