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Holiday Sauce

America, North: American

This recipe was served at every holiday breakfast or brunch. This included my birthday as well. The recipe reminds me of the gatherings my family had on these occations. The whole family was always there.(and still is) I felt so loved when a holiday came because I knew that many of my family members had driven all night to be there or had been flighing most of the day before the celebration. No one was ever tired on those holidays it was as if the food and family coming together renewed us all. When I eat holiday sauce it reminds me of those family members who have died, not in a sad way,and how much fun we had on those holidays eating, catching up on each other lives and playing fercely competive board and card games. Oh what fun those times were!


1 8-oz. Block of Cream Cheese
The Juice of one lemon (the better option) or lemon juice to taste
1 egg yolk
up to 1 cup of milk this depends on how thick or thin you desire)


First cube up the cream cheese and add to a saucepan and add a small amount of milk. Over low heat allow the cream cheese to melt. After it has melted slowly add in the rest of the ingredients. This mixture needs to be mixed well. Continue to cook until the desired thickness. (I prefer it when it is slightly thicker than gravy) For eggs benedict serve this sauce over toasted bread, or an English muffin with Canadian bacon and a poached egg. Holiday sauce is also great over asparagus and oddly enough fresh fruit such as sliced apples.

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