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America, North: Mexican

At my house my mom always makes this dish for dinner and special occasions. i remember that my grandma also always used to make the burritos. when we have a holiday my mom and my grandma are over the stove making burritos for our holiday dinner. I hope my mom passes the recipe down to me.


1. A packet of tortillas
2. One can of chili beans
3. One can of refried beans
4. One can of rotel tomatoes with chilies
5. One pound of ground beef
6. A packet of taco seasoning
7. Two cups of cheese
8. One can of green chilies


1.Pre heat oven to 350
2.Brown ground beef
3.Add the chili beans, refried beans,
Taco seasoning, rotel, and a quarter
cup of water to the ground beef
4. Warm can of green chilies on low heat
5. Get a out a 11x13 inch pan
6. Now start making the burritos
7. Add the burrito mixture and roll up in the tortillas
8. Spread green chilly on top of the burritos evenly
9. Spread cheese evenly across the burritos
10. Cover pan with foil
11. Bake in oven for 20 min at 350 degrees

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