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America, North: Mexican

I am the third generation to receive this family recipe as it has been passed down from my grandmother who lives in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico. This is the main dish that we eat in our family all the time.


~50 tortillas (for 5 or 6 people it depends)
~Green tomato
~5 green chile
~Sour cream
~Mexican cheese


~Shred the chicken
~First make the chile, put the green tomato in the blander and put the chile in it too add some water like half way.

~Then get a pan out and put some oil in it and let it heat for about 5 minutes. After that but in the chile in there and just let it boil for about 30 min.

~Heat up the tortillas for a min or until they look ready to eat. Then put one in the pan where the chile is in and let it sit there like for 10 sec then take it out, put it on a plate then put chicken in it then fold it like a burrito.

~Then put cream on top with cheese and the lettuce and you're done and you can eat it.

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