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Special K bars

America, Central:

Our family was visiting my husband's home in WI. To make it easy on us, his Mom invited all relatives and friends for a potluck dinner in which everyone brings a dish to share. I learned about this recipe after eating the bars.

I love chocolate and peanut butter together. This recipe is exactly that and more. I enjoy making them because there is no baking - just a few minutes on the stove.


6 cups of Special K breakfast cereal (6-7 oz. box)
1 cup light corn syrup (1/2 of 16 oz. bottle)
1 1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
6 oz. of butterscotch chips (1/2 of 12 oz. bag)
6 oz. of chocolate chips (1/2 of 12 oz. bag)


First, butter a 10 x 13 pan.
Combine sugar & corn syrup in Dutch oven and bring to boil.
Remove from heat and add peanut butter; mix well.
Add Special K cereal; mix until coated - DO NOT OVER MIX!
Place into 10 x 13 pan. Allow to cool.
Melt together the half bag of butterscotch and chocolate chips; spread on top of bars.
Cool and cut into bars (squares).

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