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Image of a Chinese boy
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Immigration Introduction
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This feature presentation is the result of a collaborative effort between the Library of Congress' Learning Page staff, members of other Library divisions and services, and consultants and contractors.

Producer: Leni Donlan - The Learning Page Project Coordinator

Researchers/Writers: Frank Diller - Consultant; Elizabeth Paul - Learning Page Team; Marin Hagen - Consultant; Stephen Wesson - Consultant.

German Immigration Video: Ronald Grim - Geography and Maps Division; Elizabeth Paul, Learning Page; Dominique Pickett, James Cannady, Patrick Raison, Bernard Wooden, Kevin White - Information Technology Services; Glenn Ricci - Information Technology Services; Vicki Fortuno - Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Design and Layout: Veerle Pieters - Duoh! Graphic Design & Multimedia; Ranjan Gupta -Learning Page Intern, 2001; Catherine Young, Timberly Wuester, Robin Fanslow, Colleen Wallace, Christa Maher, and Andrea Dillon - Information Technology Specialists.

Historical Content Review: David Vigilante - Consultant; Barbara Appell Tenenbaum - Specialist in Mexican Culture, Library of Congress; Chi Wang and Laura Wong - Specialists in Chinese History and Immigration, Library of Congress.

Editors: Andrea Savada - Library Services; Elizabeth Ridgway, Elizabeth Paul, Karen Billett, Catherine Young - Learning Page; Guy Lamolinara, Office of Strategic Initiatives; Cheryl Lederle, consultant.

Technical Quality Review: Karen Billett, Catherine Young - Learning Page

Technical Support: Catherine Young - Learning Page

Legal Review: Emily Vartanian - Office of the General Counsel

We thank all who contributed to this work and acknowledge with great appreciation the diverse expertise that created this feature presentation.