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Does geography play a role in the history of war? The Military Battles and Campaigns collection contains maps of major United States military conflicts. These maps depict troop movements, defense structures, battle routes, campsites, local buildings, topography and vegetation. Some were hand drawn on the battlefield, while others were engraved after the battle ended. A study of the American Revolution and Civil War maps in this collection will give students a broader understanding of the geographic aspects of these conflicts.
Featured Map: Using this 1862 map, lets explore how a military map might be used in the classroom. Click on the caption below the map for extensive bibliographic information. Click on the map itself to access the zoom view. The details are amazing! What conflict is depicted? Is this a Union or Confederate map? How can you tell? Whose portraits are featured on the decorative border outside the map? What is the historical significance of the views around the map? This map contains several fascinating tables and charts. Can you find a Table of Air-line Distances? A list of Ports of Entry? The Races of Mankind? Prevailing religions? What else? Locate the small map showing the distribution of staples, plants, trees and animals. What crops were grown in YOUR area at this time? Locate the 1860 Census on the map. Can you find the population of YOUR state?
Learning More: Follow the links on the right for a sampling of historic military maps. View the Mapping the American Revolution and Its Era essay and the History of Mapping of the Civil War presentation to learn more about these collections. Students can use the Primary Source Analysis Tool to analyze these maps.

Military Maps
New Naval and Military Map of the United States, 1862.
New Naval and Military Map of the United States, 1862.
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» Battle of Bunker Hill map: 1775
» American Revolution and Its Era, 1750-1789: 18th century military maps.
» Seat of War, 1861
» Western Border States, 1861
» Perspective view of Gettysburg National Military Park, 1916
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