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Progressive Era to New Era
Cities During the Progressive Era
Photographs of Urbanization in the Progressive Era

As American cities expanded in the early 1900s, they often developed in quite different ways. Too, within the same city, differences in neighborhoods were often very dramatic. In the pictures that follow, you will observe very different results of urbanization. How might building space, work opportunities, population, and geographic location have influenced the development of the neighborhoods shown? What other factors do you think might affect the development of a city or neighborhood within a city? After looking at the photographs below, consider seaching Detroit Publishing Company and Panoramic Photographs , using a keyword such as main street and compare several of the photos you retrieve this way. What generalizations can you make about these cities?

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Hester Street

The New York Ghetto: Hester Street, 1902

Armour Blvd.

Armour Boulevard and Holmes Street, Kansas City, 1909

Canal Street

Canal Street, New Orleans, ca. 1900-1910

Broad Street

Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, 1905

Main Street, Dayton

Main Street, Dayton, Ohio, 1904

Main Street, Kansas City

Main Street, Kansas City, ca. 1900-1910

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