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[Detail] Columbus

Use these lesson plans, created by teachers for teachers, to explore the topic of exploration and explorers.

  • Drake’s West Indian Voyage 1588-1589 (Grades 6-8) Students investigate maps depicting a voyage by Sir Francis Drake involving attacks on Spanish settlements around the Atlantic. Students look closely at the details and draw conclusions about individual events as well as the entire voyage.
  • Explorations in American Environmental History (Grades 6-12) Students are introduced to historical perspectives of nature and the environment. Early Images of the United States includes many images recorded by early explorers of the American West.
  • Journeys West (Grades 6-12) Students access primary sources to develop an understanding of westward expansion and use this understanding to complete an interdisciplinary WebQuest.
  • Marco Paul's Travels on the Erie Canal: An Educational Voyage (Grades 3-8) Students trace Marco Paul's 1840s journey through the Erie Canal.
  • Waldseemüller’s Map: World 1507 (Grades 3-8) Students investigate this historic map by looking closely at the details of each section of the map and then draw conclusions on the revelation of this new and unusual world to the people of 1507.