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You came here seeking freedom...

[Detail] You came here seeking freedom...

Online activities and background information from the Library of Congress to help students learn more about immigration.

America as a Religious Refuge: The Seventeenth Century (Exhibition) This section of the Religion and the Founding of the American Republic exhibition deals with immigrants and their religious life in 17th century America.

American Treasures: An Elegy for Fire Victims (Exhibition) View this sheet music - an elegy to the 146 victims, mostly young Jewish and Italian immigrant women, who perished in the March 25, 1911, fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory.

American Treasures: Discrimination During the Civil War (Exhibition) Read an 1863 letter to Abraham Lincoln Read this letter formally protesting the ostracism of Jews.

American Treasures: First Thrill of Liberty (Exhibition) View a 1917 poster depicting a ship of immigrants arriving in New York Harbor.

American Treasures: First Yiddish Cookbook in America (Exhibition) View pages of this 1901 cookbook.

Can You Speak Irish? (Online Activity) Although English is the Irish national language, can your students match these Irish words with their American meanings?

Explore the States: Immigrant Life in New York (America's Library) Learn about the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Explore the States: Walking onto Ellis Island, New York (America's Library) Learn about Ellis Island.

Jump Back in Time: August 17, 1790 (America's Library) George Washington recognized equal status of Jewish Americans.

Jump Back in Time: December 2, 1763 (America's Library) The first Jewish synagogue was dedicated in the United States.

Jump Back in Time: January 1, 1892 (America's Library) The first immigrant landed on Ellis Island. Learn about Annie Moore's arrival from Ireland in 1892.

Naturalization Ceremony at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello (Local Legacies) Monticello celebrates Independence Day with a Naturalization Ceremony. Explore Local Legacies for featured celebrations from your state!

Port of Entry (Online Activity) Use your detective skills to uncover the stories of immigrants to the United States.

Today in History (August 17, 1790) To Bigotry, No Sanction (Today in History) Washington declares the free and equal status of Jewish-American citizens.

Today in History (December 2, 1763) Touro Synagogue (Today in History) On this date, members of the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island witnessed the dedication of the Touro Synagogue, the first synagogue in what became the United States.(scroll down page)

Today in History (January 1, 1892) First Immigrants (Today in History) The first immigrants arrive in New York (scroll down the page).

Today in History (January 26, 1654) The Diaspora of 1654 (Today in History) About 150 Jewish families of Portuguese origin leave Brazil and later establish the first community of Jews in the future United States.

Today in History (June 19, 1885) Statue of Liberty (Today in History) The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.

Today in History (March 12, 1901) Andrew Carnegie (Today in History) Learn about Scottish immigrant, Andrew Carnegie.