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The main characters of Copyright Exposed

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What's the deal with copyright?

Copyright Exposed is a short video of Cop E. Wright telling a group of teens the basics of U.S. Copyright Law. In order to view this video you will need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed.

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Video Stills:

Video still of title sequence.

Title sequence

Video still of Cop E. Wright.

Cop E. Wright

Video still of group of teens talking

Group of teens talking

Video Transcript:

Copyright protects your creation,
all the way across the nation,
when it becomes a real big hit,
you get all the credit!

We finished laying down our cd,
Is it time for the release party?

Cop E. Wright:
Once you record those tracks,
Copyright has got your back

We wrote this song together one night,
We all get a share of the copyright

(Repeat Chorus)

I had a story in my head for a long time,
Typed it up and posted it online,
Now they want to make it a movie,
What does it mean to me?

Cop E. Wright:
Copyright began on your keyboard,
The studio does not get the last word...

(Repeat Chorus)

My muse is flowing from my paintbrush,
getting right down to the last touch

Cop E. Wright:
Once you finish up with that,
Copyright has got your back