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Elementary Learners, Vol. 3, No. 4, Fall 2010

This issue explores how teachers can use primary sources with elementary students.
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The first Thanksgiving 1621

Primary Sources and Elementary Students
In this feature article, the author describes strategies for using primary sources with students in grades K-5.

Photograph of student, 1939

Research and Current Thinking
Summaries of and links to online resources-articles, research reports, Web sites, and white papers-that provide research and current thinking relating to the issue's theme.

Vicki Heisler, featured in this issue's Teacher Spotlight, teaches 5th grade at Meeker Elementary School in Greeley, Colorado

Teacher Spotlight
Vicki Heisler, a 30-year teaching veteran in Greeley, Colorado, engages her 5th grade students with primary sources.

Classroom scenes in Washington, D.C. public schools: studying live dog

Learning Activity – Elementary Grades K-2
Students participate in a timed 30-second look at a historic photograph of a classroom, record and compare their observations and later re-examine the photograph to discuss similarities and differences between their classroom and this one from the past.

Michael McNelis, 612 Noble St., age 8 yrs. old, newsboy

Learning Activity – Elementary Grades 3-5
Students analyze a Lewis Hine photograph and use their observations and imaginations to create comic strips that describe what happened just before and just after the photograph was taken.

Women’s Sphere political cartoon

TPS Quarterly Archive
Previous issues of the Teaching With Primary Sources Quarterly are available through this archive.

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