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Literacy Integration, Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer 2008

This issue provides ideas and strategies for using primary sources to support literacy instruction. Students build literacy through reading and writing across the curriculum, using a number of different media.
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Landing at Ellis Island. 1902

Primary Sources and Literacy
In this feature article, the authors link literacy and primary source-based instruction and share practical information on how to successfully teach literacy using primary sources.

Learning to read. McGuffey's reader

Research and Current Thinking
Summaries of and links to online resources—articles, research reports, Web sites, and white papers—that provide research and current thinking relating to the issue's theme.

Emily Frazier, middle-school history teacher

Teacher Spotlight
Emily Frazier, a middle-school history teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, uses student writing about primary sources to both promote literacy skills and deepen content knowledge.

"Negroes, Negroes." Print advertisement for slave auction, 1859

Learning Activity – Elementary Level
In this literacy-based activity, students take a close analytical look at an historical print advertisement for a slave market, and discover what it can tell them about slavery during this era.

Back cover of Jackie Robinson comic book, 1952

Learning Activity – Secondary Level
Students will continue building their reading skills and develop a richer understanding of the Civil Rights Movement through this activity, which focuses on Jackie Robinson's "This I Believe" speech.

Children reading

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Previous issues of the Teaching With Primary Sources Quarterly are available through this archive.

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