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This issue explores how teachers can use technology to bring primary sources into their classrooms to enhance learning.

Definitions of technology integration have shifted from merely increasing technological capacity and online access in schools to embedding technology throughout the curriculum “to enable students to approach problem solving using a range of thinking skills and learning styles” (Brooks-Young 2002). Teachers need professional development, content resources and technical support to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum.

Successful technology integration increases the learning potential of students by providing new ways to communicate and access ideas and information. Digitized primary sources, which represent history in its raw form, give students access to materials formerly available for examination by only a handful of scholars. Combining technology with appropriate pedagogical approaches allows teachers to spark students' interest and guide students toward essential learning through analysis and inquiry with primary sources.


Brooks-Young, S. (2002). Making Technology Standards Work for You – A Guide for School Administrators. Eugene, OR: ITSE