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Since the late 1990s, the Library of Congress's Geography and Map Division (G&M) posted maps on Places in the News site, an online website devoted to displaying G&M maps of recent events. The initial idea for this project was to provide K-12 teachers and their students with accurate, current maps. In the early 2000s, G&M learned that graduate level students also found these postings useful in their research. At that point G&M began to archive Places in the News posts.

Internet map content has grown dramatically during the past several years and maps are easily accessible. G&M is heartened by the fact that many disciplines use maps of all types to illustrate their findings and explain or convey their messages. In light of this, after more than 15 years, G&M has decided to end Places in the News.

The site encompasses posts from 1999-2016. Using the “Search this site” box, readers may search using keywords and full text. Using the bar towards the top, one may search by year and within that, by month.

We thank you for your interest in our efforts to share in the world's largest map collection. G&M's other social media outlets will continue. Worlds Revealed is a G&M blog that explores the past, present, and future of maps and mapping. G&M is also on Twitter @LOCMaps (external link).

If at any time in the future these links do not work, you may contact the G&M Reference Staff through its Ask-a-Librarian page.