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January 26, 1996

Revised Dates for Bradley Foundation Lecture Series About Books That Influenced Western Thought

A lecture by James McGill Buchanan, an author of 20 books and a 1986 Nobel Prize winner in economics, will be presented on Wednesday, June 18, at the Library of Congress. (The lecture was previously scheduled for February 8.) Dr. Buchanan will speak on the impact of Adam Smith's 18th century work, The Wealth of Nations.

The lectures make up a new great book series at the Library, funded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation to examine works that "mattered to Western citizenship, statecraft, and public policy."

Revised dates for the series of four great book lectures are:

March 6 Plato's Republic
8 p.m.
Martha Nussbaum, professor of law and ethics,
University of Chicago
West Dining Room, Madison Building, Library of Congress

March 21 The Federalist Papers
2 p.m.
Bernard Bailyn, professor emeritus of history,
Harvard University
Northwest Pavilion, Jefferson Building, Library of Congress

May 9 Karl von Clausewitz's On War
11 a.m.
Sir Michael Howard, professor emeritus of history,
Yale University
Mumford Room, Madison Building, Library of Congress

June 19 Adam's Smith Wealth of Nations
11 a.m.
James Buchanan, professor emeritus of economics,
George Mason University
Pickford Theater, Madison Building, Library of Congress

The lecture series is open to the public without charge. The Madison Building is located at 101 Independence Ave., S.E.; the Jefferson Building is adjacent to the Madison, at 10 First St., S.E. Both buildings are close to the Capitol South station, Metrorail blue line.

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