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August 17, 2000

Library of Congress Publishes Guide to the Moldenhauer Music Archives

In 1987, a bequest of Hans Moldenhauer (1906-1987) brought to the Library of Congress the greatest composite gift of musical documents the institution has ever received. Gathered over the course of nearly 40 years, the Moldenhauer Archives span the history of Western music. They represent the most comprehensive collection of manuscripts and other sources for the study of music ever assembled by a single individual.

Mr. Moldenhauer also provided funds to enable the Library to publish a book about the archives as a memorial to his wife of 40 years, Rosaleen, who died in 1982. This volume, The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial, Music History from Primary Sources: A Guide to the Moldenhauer Archives, is the culmination of his life's work and his wish to honor his wife, who had worked with him on his collection and was his coauthor on a biography of Anton Webern. It is edited by Jon Newsom, chief of the Library's Music Division, and Alfred Mann, lifelong friend of the Moldenhauers. The project was actively supported by Mr. Moldenhauer's wife Mary, whom he married in 1982, who has continued to build the archives and to guide this publication.

With sensitivity to the visual -- as well as the informational -- value of documents, Hans Moldenhauer, certain that he was going blind, sought to fill his last sighted years by gathering the visible documents of musical creativity. This book describes his archives in essays written by preeminent experts in the field of music, including historians and composers, each dealing with a specialized area of interest reflected in the Moldenhauer Archives. It is amply illustrated with full-color illustrations of the manuscripts described, and contains a comprehensive inventory of the Moldenhauer Archives, which have been distributed to nine institutions in Europe and America, with the greatest portion being at the Library of Congress.

The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial, Music History from Primary Sources: A Guide to the Moldenhauer Archives, cloth bound, with 733 pages and 105 color illustrations, is available for $85 from the University Press of New England. It can be purchased by calling (800) 421-1561 or on the Web site at (external link).

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