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Experiencing War (D-Day 65th Anniversary, June 6, 1944 - 2009): Stories from the Veterans History Project

It was military shorthand for the date one landed in Normandy. After the first wave of troops came ashore, thousands and thousands more followed, each man well aware of the sacrifices his comrades had made on June 6. The physical evidence was inescapable, but the sense of mission never diminished, no matter how long afterwards your ship pulled in and you stepped onto French soil.

Featured Story: Russell M. Baldwin
Image of Russell Mack Baldwin

“Thirty six of us on that [landing craft]. Our first roll call saw seven of us.”

Just because you weren’t part of the immense invasion force which landed on Normandy on June 6, 1944 didn’t ensure your safety. Russell Baldwin was part of a bridge-building battalion that came in shortly after D-Day but still suffered enormous casualties. Baldwin was an older recruit, having already begun a career in his native Cleveland when he was drafted. His maturity served him well when he was briefly captured by the Germans and narrowly escape injury or death on several other occasions.

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"On D+1 we started to organize the chaos left from the initial assault of D-Day."
-- Tracy Sugarman

Image of Joseph M. Halicek

"We said, if we're living tomorrow, we’re gonna go up there and pray."

Joseph M. Halicek's story

Image of Burton Ruby

"I sometimes felt that was the bullet that had my name on it."

Burton Ruby's story

Image of John R. Sudyk

"You're loaded with ammunition, so one little stray bullet in a gas can and away you go."

John R. Sudyk's story

Image of Glenn B. Webber

"There's no way to describe a thousand airplanes in the air at one time."

Glenn B. Webber's story

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