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Mamoru Shigemitsu and General Umezu and Japanese delegation on board the U.S.S. Missouri during the surrender ceremony.

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General Douglas MacArthur with Emperor Hirohito at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

September 2, 1945  Official End of WWII

The Japanese delegation signed a formal treaty of surrender to the Allied Forces aboard the U.S.S. Missouri on this date, officially ending World War II almost exactly six years after Germany had invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Among those present at the signing were Allied Supreme Commander General Douglas MacArthur, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, and General Jonathan Wainwright, a recently released prisoner of war.

In their own words...

Edward Wadington, stationed on the Missouri, was on deck for the signing ceremony. In a letter to his folks, he expressed the feelings of many World War II servicemen:

Image of Edward Wadington"We are all proud that we have been able to help win this war. Let us all hope that this will be the last time that a war has to be won. Many of our friends have died with that hope. That hope has carried us through many a grinding, grueling day. Let us pray that it carries those charged with formulating and preserving the peace to a successful accomplishment of their task."

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News reporters and photographers on board to record the signing.
Edward Wadington Collection
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General MacArthur at the microphone with other Allied military leaders standing behind him.
Edward Wadington Collection

Quote taken from "Letter to Folks" [August 17, 1945].

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