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The World's Oldest Culinary Art?

The Portals to the World page is literally that -- a Web page with links to more than 200 nations of the world

'Parramatta River' [self-portrait], 14 June 1948 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), assisted self-portrait

For each of the 200 nations, this international resource contains selective links to authoritative, in-depth information. Specialists of the Library of Congress have chosen the links with the same degree of expertise they employ when choosing books and other materials for the Library's permanent collections.

The nations most recently added to the site are Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

For each nation, links are organized by topics such as "General Resources," "Business, Commerce and the Economy," "Culture," "Education," Geography and Environment" and "History," among others. There are links to search engines that are particularly adept at finding resources for a particular nation. In Australia, for example, you can use Web Wombat to search more than 20 million Australian Web pages.

Portals to the World is part of the larger Web site called Global Gateway, a digital library that features the extraordinary international collections of the Library of Congress as well as unique materials from nations such as Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and Russia.

You may not know it, but approximately half the materials in the Library of Congress are in languages other than English

A. Margaret Michaelis (1902-1985), photographer. "Parramatta River" [self-portrait], 14 June 1948, courtesy National Gallery of Australia. Image from the NGA Web site at Reproduction information: Not available for reproduction.

B. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), assisted self-portrait. Prints & Photographs Division. Dodgson is better known as the author Lewis Carroll. His scrapbook is available on the Global Gateway Web site. Reproduction information: Contact: