Z39.50 Implementor Agreement 6:

Free-Form Human-entered-Text Search

July 28, 1998
The bib-1 attribute set may be used to send a free-form, human-entered-text search, leaving the server to decide how to handle the search and how to order the result set (it is assumed that the result set will be created in a server-determined relevance order).

A free-form human-entered-text search, using the bib-1 attribute set consists of an operand constructed as follows:

  1. Use: any bib-1 Use attribute
  2. Relation: Relevance
  3. Position : must be omitted
  4. Structure: Free form text
  5. Truncation : must be omitted
  6. Completeness : must be omitted

Term: free-form human-entered-text-string

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