Case Sensitivity of Result Set and Database Names

Issue raised by: Ronald van der Meer Mon, 16 Jun 1997 09:10:43 +0200

Are database and result set names case sensitive?

Database names are not case sensitive: See Database-names note 2:
"Each database name specified by the target is a string of characters, and the string is case-insensitive. That is, for any character that is a letter, the origin may use either upper or lower case, regardless of how the target has specified the name."
Result set names are deemed to be case sensitive.

For result set names there is no note such as (nor contrary to) the note quoted above. Result set names are significantly different than database names in their usage. Database names are passed around outside of the protocol, often by humans, and transcend Z-associations. Result set names have none of these characteristics. They are referred to only by the origin (the mapping between user specified names and actual result set names used in the protocol are not within the scope of the Z39.50 protocol), within an association, and the origin should be capable of using a given result set name consistently within an association.

Status: Approved (8/97)
Library of Congress