Item Order Customer reference and PO number

Issue raised by: Bernd Hergeth 29 Mar 96

What is the meaning of customerReference and customerPONumber in the ESItemOrder OriginPartToKeep?

These (together with "payment method") are "additional billing" parameters. (They are "additional" in that they are information elements not included in the ILL request.)
The "customer reference" is an identifier assigned by the origin to identify the customer. It could be used when the origin want to search for Item Order task packages for a specific customer.
The "customer purchase order" is a purchase order number assigned by the customer (as opposed to one that might be assigned by the supplier). Similarly, an origin may search for a task package knowing only the customer reference.
(Two Use attributes, specific to Item Order, "customerReference" and "customerPONumber" are provisionally assigned.)

Status: Approved (10/96)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Help Desk (10/18/96)