Partial Results

Issue raised by: Robert Hass 15 Feb 1996

How may an origin be given access to partial (i.e. incomplete) results of a search before the target completes the search (without canceling the search)?

The target may notify the origin of the availability of partial results by sending a resource report via Resource-control while the search is in progress. In particular, the report may include the name of a result set that contains the partial results and the origin may begin retrieving records, if concurrent operations is in effect. See UserInfoFormat-searchResult-1, in Appendix USR. Although this format was designed primarily for post-search information, its use during a search is also expressly intended.
The origin may send a trigger-resource-control request during the search, specifying the searchResult-1 format, and that is the origin's way to indicate that it wants partial results.

Status: Approved (10/96)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Help Desk (10/18/96)