Piggy-back Search/present Support

Issue raised by: Les Wibberley 09 Aug 1995

If a target does not support response records in a Search response, what is the suggested behavior when the search request parameter values for small-set-upper-bound and large-set-lower-bound and the search response parameter value for Result-count are such that the response is expected to include one or more records as specified in

For example, suppose a search results in 5 records and small-set-upper-bound on the search request was 10. The target is expected to (attempt to) return all five records. Suppose the target does not support response records in a Search response?

Search-status: 'success'
Present-status: 'failure'
Records: non-surrogate-diagnostic, one of the following:
1005 Response records in Search response not supported
1006 Response records in Search response not possible for specified database (or database combination)
Note: Diagnostic 1006 is intended for the case of an intermediary providing access to multiple servers, some of which may support piggybacking and some which do not. This diagnostic is for the intermediary to use in case the particular end server doesn't support piggybacking (as opposed to diagnostic 1005, which, in the case of an intermediary, would imply that the intermediary does not support piggybacking).

Status: Approved (2/96)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Help Desk (04/10/96)