Multiple ranges

Issue raised by: Kevin Thomas, 21 Nov 1995

In a Present request, the first Additional-Range (M,N) may be contiguous with the original record number range (Result-Set-Start-Position, Number-of-Records-Requested) but subsequent additional ranges may not be contiguous.

When the multiple range feature was developed it was with the express intention that contiguity be precluded (two contiguous intervals should be combined into a single interval).
Thus the fact that contiguity is allowed between the original range and the first additional range may be a defect. This is considered by the maintenance agency to be a relatively innocuous defect not requiring immediate attention. In fact it is unclear that it should be corrected in version 4, because doing so may cause more harm than good, since it could create an incompatibility between versions.

Status: Approved (2/96)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Help Desk (04/10/96)