December 2000 ZIG

Welcome Ray Denenberg, LC
NISO Survey Responses Ray Denenberg, LC
Open Archives Ray Denenberg, LC
Z39.50 - The Empire Strikes Back Mike Taylor
W3C XML Protocol Ray Denenberg, LC
Explain - historical overview Ray Denenberg, LC

Querying XML Documents

See also Notes from Mike Taylor

Paul Cotton, Microsoft
Soap Mark Needleman, DRA
Interlending Scenarios Barb Shuh, NLC
Resource Sharing Matt Goldner, Fretwell-Downing
Collaborative Digital Reference Services Linda White, LC
W3C Query Language and Z39.50 Mark Needleman, DRA
Z39.50 URLs - History and Overview Ray Denenberg, LC
Integration of ILL and Z39.50 Leif Andresen, Danish National Library Authority/ danZIG
Explain Lite -Research and Development activity in the ONE-2 Project Poul Henrik Jørgensen, DBC
Future-Proofing Z39.50 John Kunze, UC San Francisco/ NLM
ez3950: SOAP & Z39.50 Poul Henrik Jørgensen, DBC
International Profile Development Poul Henrik Jørgensen, DBC
Moen Notes Bill Moen
Provocative Points Matthew Dovey, Oxford
Z39.50 and UK HE Digital/Electronic Libraries Matthew Dovey, Oxford
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Matthew Dovey, Oxford
Z39.50 Issues Poul Henrik Jørgensen, DBC
Future ZIG
Parallel searching

Sebastian Hammer, Index Data/ Danish National Library Authority

Z39.50 Maintenance Agency
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
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