LC Databases

----------------          -----------------------------------------
All Bibliographic Files   Includes all of the following files:
(except PreMARC)          Books File, Computer Files, In-process
                          File, JACKPHY File, Manuscripts File, 
                          Maps File, Music File, Serials File,
                          and Visual Materials File.
                          (Approximately 6.6 million records.) 

All Books Files           Includes all of the following files:
(except PreMARC)          Books File, In-process File, and JACKPHY
                          File.  (Approx. 5 million records.)

All Bibliographic and     Includes all of the following files:
Authority Files           Books File, Computer Files, In-process
(except PreMARC)          File, JACKPHY File, Manuscripts File,
                          Maps File, Music File, Serials File,
                          Visual Materials File, Name Authority
                          File, and Subject Authority File.
                          (Approximately 11 million records.) 

Name and Subject File     Includes the following files:
                          Name Authority File and Subject 
                          Authority File.
                          (Approximately 4.4 million records.)

     Note:  The following files are not part of any "group" file
            name and must be searched individually: 
            PreMARC and NUC 

---------------------     -----------------------------------------
Books File                Books cataloged at LC from language and
                          date indicated:  English 1968+; French
                          1973+; German, Portuguese, Spanish 1975+;
                          other European languages 1976-77+;
                          non-European languages 1978-80+.
                          Contains ca. 4.2 million records (10/1/97).

Computer Files            Bibliographic records for computer 
                          software and machine readable collections. 
                          File active as of Fall 1989.  Contains
                          records for gift, exchange, CIP, and
                          order receipts for computer file materials
                          Records for computer file serials are in
                          the SERIALS file.
                          Contains ca. 6,300 records (10/1/97).

In-process Books File     Books in process of being cataloged and 
                          minimal-level catalog records for some 
                          specific types of materials.  Includes
                          copyright records input by CIP.  Records
                          "migrate" to Books File when completed.
                          Contains ca. 300,000 records (10/1/97).

JACKPHY                   Contains bibliographic records for Japanese
                          Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Hebrew,
                          and Yiddish materials.  The file is read-
                          only.  The records are duplicate (minus
                          the vernacular) of the JACKPHY records
                          created by LC in RLIN.  The file is active
                          as of April 1994.  It is updated weekly.
                          Contains ca. 346,000 records (10/1/97).

Manuscripts File          Manuscripts cataloged at LC by Manuscripts
                          Division, 1973+.
                          Contains ca. 11,000 records (10/1/97).

Maps File                 Map records cataloged at LC by Geography 
                          and Maps Division since 1968; also NUC
                          reports for maps edited at LC since 1985.
                          Contains ca. 171,000 records (10/1/97).

Music and Sound           Printed and manuscript music scores, music
Recordings File           and non-music sound recordings cataloged
                          at LC since 1984. 
                          Contains ca. 208,000 records (10/1/97).

Name Authority File       Name authority records and series authority
                          records created by LC and other libraries
                          for use in cataloging. 
                          Contains ca. 4.1 million records (10/1/97).

National Union Catalog    Books reported from other libraries that
                          are not yet in LC, 1982+.  As of fall
                          1993, file is not up-to-date.
                          Contains ca.  670,000 records (10/1/97).
PreMARC File              Books, maps, music, serials in LC cataloged
                          earlier than the dates mentioned in this
                          listing under the specific files for these
                          Contains ca. 4.8 million records (10/1/97). 

Serials File              Serials File: Serials (journals, annals)
                          cataloged by LC and other major research
                          libraries, 1973+.  Many titles not in LC
                          Contains ca. 825,000 records (10/1/97).

Subject Authority File    Subject authority records established by
                          LC for use in cataloging.
                          Contains ca. 240,000 records (10/1/97).

Visual Materials File     Motion pictures, videorecordings, 
                          filmstrips, slide sets, transparencies, 
                          archival motion pictures, two-dimensional
                          photographs, etc.  Online file began in
                          1985; includes cataloging done in LC since
                          1972.  Many titles not in LC collection.
                          Contains ca. 280,000 records (10/1/97). 

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