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Background on Text-Only Interface

In the Spring of 2003, the cataloging records of the NLS International Union Catalog were moved into a new database. The catalog is available online. It has two Web-page interfaces and search methods, text-only and Voyager.

The NLS text-only interface uses a standard for computer-to-computer information retrieval called Z39.50 to address searches to the NLS catalog. This standard also makes it possible for a user in one system to search and retrieve information from other computer systems that have implemented Z39.50 .

More information about Z39.50.

The NLS text-only interface has three search forms of varying complexity. We are also using the standard to provide an interface similar to the text only catalog for searching the database of the National Library for the Blind of England.

Background on Voyager Interface

The NLS catalog can also be searched using the NLS Voyager interface, a system that uses more complex screen layouts and some Java script, but which has more options for searching the catalog and displaying records.

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