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PCC Series Discussion Paper Dec. 14, 2007 (PDF, 69.4KB)
The comment period for the discussion paper has ended.

Recommendations of the PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force April 4, 2008 (PDF, 54.4KB)

Response to the recommendations from the PCC Steering Committee Aug. 22, 2008 (PDF, 26KB)

General charge: The PCC strongly endorses the continuation of optional series authority control by its members, both libraries and vendors, and will appoint a Task Group to consider long-term benefits, costs, and simplifications of series authority control.

Specific task: Review/gather data

Conduct a comprehensive review of existing PCC documentation

Scan of previous PCC-sponsored series task groups; identify outstanding recommendations that were never acted upon – particularly in the area of record creation simplification

Consider the recommendations of the SCS from June 2006:

  1. continue to allow the tracing of series in PCC bibliographic records but no longer to require series tracing
  2. allow the continuation of series authority record contributions (new and modified records) via NACO Series
  3. require that a traced series given in a PCC bib record be supported by a series authority record

Survey the PCC members for ideas and thoughts in meeting their stated charges

Specific task: Make recommendations on changes in PCC series policies and documentation that result in simple, unified PCC policies, procedures and series authority data elements in PCC records.

Timeline: Begin June 2007. Preliminary recommendations available to the PCC Policy Committee November 1-2, 2007. Final report due January 4th 2008.


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