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The current categories of CONSER membership are Full, Associate, CONSER Enhance, and Funnel Membership. Please note that since 2022, Expedited PCC Institutional Membership has been discontinued. For a description of the levels and requirements of membership, see CONSER Program Membership Information.

Membership is open to active independent NACO members. NACO members may request CONSER membership through their PCC Directory account. Please complete the application form below and upload the form via your PCC Directory account as part of your request for CONSER membership.

Download the CONSER application form [Word; 27 KB].

CONSER membership is open to active independent NACO institutions that prior to CONSER training have:

  • Proficiency in using RDA and LC-PCC Policy Statements for new cataloging
  • Familiarity with and access to CONSER documentation
  • Proficiency in applying standardized schemes for subject analysis and classification
  • Routine cataloging contributions to the OCLC database
  • Experience and strength of serials cataloging operation

CONSER Funnel membership is discussed on a case by case basis.

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