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No. 1, Jan. 1994


Welcome To CONSERline

Welcome to the first issue of _CONSERline_. Our new electronic newsletter continues the newsletter, _CONSER_, which was begun in 1978. Like its predecessor, _CONSERline_ is a cooperative effort of the CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials) Program, containing contributions from program members that cover news of the Program and serials cataloging issues. The newsletter is issued jointly by the Library of Congress and OCLC.

The change to an electronic newsletter affords the opportunity to reach a broader audience and allows for more timely dissemination of information, as well as being a cost savings. While the first issues will closely resemble the paper version, we expect the newsletter to evolve as the possibilities of online transmission become more apparent.

Changing a title is always a difficult decision for serialists. But knowing that the change in format would require a new bibliographic record, we decided on the change, even though we risked receiving one of the *worst serial title change of the year* awards! More importantly, we, and many others in CONSER, think that the title _CONSERline_ is more reflective of the online nature of our newsletter.

We hope you will find _CONSERline_ informative and stimulating.

The Editors

CONSER Subject Seminar

by Maureen Landry (Library of Congress)

A subject seminar for CONSER catalogers was held at the Library of Congress, November 4-5, 1993. The impetus for the seminar was the growing recognition that most CONSER institutions provide subject analysis according to LC policy and that LC catalogers should make better use of these subject elements when using CONSER records, as is done with the descriptive portion. Many in CONSER felt that a forum, with both the participants and LC subject experts, would be helpful in determining areas in which CONSER catalogers could benefit from LC's subject expertise. LC will ultimately also be a beneficiary by being able to take advantage of the entire CONSER record.

The seminar was highly successful thanks to the expert guidance and enthusiastic support provided by subject specialists in LC's Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) and Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division (RCCD) and to the active participation of the attendees.

Much of the seminar was devoted to a lively discussion of previously submitted questions on subject cataloging, classification, and shelflisting. Mary Kay Pietris (CPSO) opened the discussion by offering six possible definitions of quality subject cataloging. After discussion, the group agreed that a combination of four of the definitions would constitute the ideal. These would require headings to be appropriate to the work, sufficiently specific, currently valid, and correctly constructed and tagged. Conformance with the requirements of the _Subject Cataloging Manual_ was also considered desirable.

To support quality subject analysis, the Committee suggested that required documentation would include: (1) The online subject authority file; (2) _Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings_; (3) _Free-Floating Subdivisions: An Alphabetical Index_; (4) _LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists_; (5) _Library of Congress Classification Schedules_; (6) _Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification_; (7) _Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting_. The CONSER Policy Committee will continue the discussion of what constitutes quality subject analysis for CONSER and evaluate the extent of required documentation.

During a discussion of CONSER policy regarding maintenance of subject headings, attendees acknowledged that institutional practices vary and that the issue should be further addressed by the Policy Committee. Other topics discussed included: treatment of unstaffed programs and projects; discrepancies in the definition of *Periodical* found in the _Subject Cataloging Manual_ and the _AACR_ definition used for the fixed field serial type code; use of *Newspapers* as a subdivision under place name headings; and clarification of the indicator values in the 050 field. Several of these issues were promptly resolved while timely investigation of others was promised by CPSO.

CONSER members were encouraged to submit proposals for new headings via RCCD. Judy Henderson (RCCD) explained her Division's role as the facilitator in the process of submitting proposals for new subject headings, subdivisions, or changes to existing authority records. She also described the online submission of subject heading proposals through LC MARVEL.

One of the objectives for the forum was to develop a mechanism for ongoing feedback and communication between LC and CONSER members. RCCD and SRD are working together to provide this connection via a short-term analysis of subject elements in CONSER records. To keep abreast of serials subject discussions, SRD is being *copied* on all serials cataloging questions sent to CPSO and RCCD.

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CONSER Accepts American Theological Library Association As Associate Member

CONSER members unanimously approved the application of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Preservation Programs for associate membership in the Program. The Association, located in Evanston, IL, has 190 member libraries working in the field of religion. ATLA is joining at the associate level, and, as such, will create, modify, and maintain bibliographic records for serials in the CONSER database and contribute to the technical development of CONSER through participation in the Operations Committee.

ATLA's contribution will enrich the CONSER database by providing an important resource for serials in the field of religion, particularly older titles. Among the first contributions will be records for 300 serials published primarily between 1875 and 1950. The Preservation Programs has received a three-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and has contracted with Research Publications International (RPI) to do the cataloging and filming. Records created by RPI will be contributed to the CONSER database by staff at ATLA. In addition, serials newly added to the on-demand program and serials filmed under contract with the Mennonite Historical Library, which has a grant form NEH to film Mennonite serials, will be cataloged by the ATLA catalogers and added to the CONSER database.

In the future, ATLA hopes to involve some of the catalogers in member libraries in contributing CONSER records. The catalogers, many of whom have expressed an interest in participating in CONSER, would work under the direction of and contribute records via the Preservation Programs' staff.

Judy Knop, Director of Preservation Programs, will represent ATLA on the CONSER Operations Committee. Some details remain to be finalized before input of records; however, Barry Hopkins from ATLA and Sheila Makris from RPI recently completed two weeks of training at the Library.

The CONSER Electronic Communications Network

by Bill Anderson (Library of Congress)

Last August a small planning group in LC's Serial Record Division met to investigate the various electronic avenues of communication that would further the mission of the CONSER Program. A survey was developed and distributed electronically to canvass CONSER members on the use of electronic communications. The survey focused on four different communication formats: the CONSER newsletter, LC Marvel (LC's gopher service), online discussion lists, and the use of Internet e-mail. Questions were also asked as to the kinds of information that should be electronically transmitted.

A review of the survey results led to seven recommendations that were endorsed by the Program members:

  1. To publish the CONSER newsletter electronically at LC;
  2. To fully utilize LC Marvel for CONSER information;
  3. To establish a closed listserv for CONSER Committee members;
  4. To establish an FTP site for CONSER at LC
  5. To use existing listservs on an ad hoc basis
  6. To increase the use of Internet e-mail networks
  7. To promote Internet access for all members and to encourage electronic communication at all levels.

Program members without access to the Internet will continue to receive information through more traditional methods of communication.

Implementation of the recommendations will initially focus on the three areas that are expected to have the broadest impact: _CONSERline_, the CONSER discussion list, and LC Marvel.

The CONSER discussion list is a closed listserv for CONSER representatives to discuss Program-related matters. Discussions on general serial cataloging issues will be addressed on open listservs, such as SERIALST or COOPCAT.

LC Marvel is a *Campus-Wide Information System* that provides access to the Internet. Users can telnet to LC Marvel (i.e., , logon: ) and find basic information about the Library, its online systems, programs, services, etc. CONSER information can be found by selecting the following from consecutive menus: Services to Libraries and Publishers, Services to Libraries, Cooperative Cataloging Programs, Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER). At present, Program information from the CONSER brochure is included, as well as information about this newsletter and the newsletter itself.

New USNP Listserv

by Bob Harriman (Library of Congress)

The Virginia State Library has made possible the establishment of an electronic forum for participants and friends of the United States Newspaper Program (USNP). USNPLIST will allow better and broader communication about the program and will serve as a source of shared information about newspapers in libraries.

USNPLIST will carry USNP-specific information, such as notices of meetings; discussion of project management issues; notices of standards updates or procedural advisories; employment and career opportunities; and news and information from LC and NEH. Since the list is open, discussion will also include librarians and archivists outside the USNP. The forum is intended to include a broad range of questions (and answers) relating to newspaper collections in libraries, from acquisitions and bibliographic control issues; to access issues (indexing, full-text delivery, newspapers on CD-ROM, etc.); to preservation concerns.

To subscribe to USNPLIST, address your message to: [email protected] (Note: listserver, not listserv) In the text portion of your message, write: Subscribe USNPLIST {your name} Example: Subscribe USNPLIST Susan Smith

If you have questions or comments, please contact the list moderator:

Erroll Somay
Virginia Newspaper Project
Virginia State Library and Archives
11th St. at Capital Square
Richmond, VA 23219
email: [email protected]
voice: (804) 786-8041

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CONSER Documentation Update

There will be no more updates to the current edition of the _CONSER Editing Guide_ (CEG). In anticipation of the 1994/95 implementation of format integration, we are reviewing the entire _CEG_ for format integration-related changes and areas that need updating. The revised text with new binders will be issued in late 1994 or early 1995. The new edition will include variable fields relating to non-print serials, but will not cover fixed fields for non-print serials. The focus of the _CEG_ continues to be the input/update of serials. Fields and data elements that are unlikely to be used in serial records will not be included, in particular those relating to books and archival materials. Information on the availability of the new edition will be available from the Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS) later in the year.

Update 1 of the _CONSER Cataloging Manual_ (CCM) has been published and is available from CDS for $48.00 (US) and $50.00 (foreign). The update includes two new modules from parts 2 and 3 and comes with a separate binder and tabs. The two new modules are: Module 22, *Interpreting Pre-AACR2 Serial Cataloging Records* and Module 30, *Direct Access Computer File Serials*.

The next update will include a module on the cataloging of microforms and additions and changes to already published modules. At this time, updates to the _CCM_ must be purchased separately and are not available on a subscription basis.


CONSER Coordinator, Linda Bartley, is taking a well-deserved year's leave of absence to spend more time with her family. During Linda's absence, Jean Hirons will be carrying out her CONSER-related duties. Bob Harriman is representing LC on the Policy Committee, assisting Kim Dobbs.

Dorothy Glasby retired from the Library of Congress on December 10, 1993. Dorothy served as a voice for serials for many years, both at the Library and in the cataloging community.

A native of Blue Island, Ill., Dorothy began her career at the Library of Congress in 1959 as a special recruit in the Library's Program for Outstanding Graduates of Library Schools. She held various supervisory positions in the Descriptive Cataloging and Serial Divisions and served as the first CONSER Coordinator before accepting the position of Assistant Chief of the Serial Record Division, from which position she retired.

As the recognized national authority on serials cataloging, Dorothy's expertise was constantly in demand, from commenting on proposed national standards, to answering countless letters requesting solutions to cataloging problems. For many years she served as the LC liaison to the American Library Association Serial Section's Committee to Study Serials Cataloging. In 1987 she was awarded the Margaret Mann Citation in Cataloging and Classification for *her outstanding sustained contributions as the preeminent authority in all major decisions on significant activities in the bibliographic control of serials through two decades of challenge and change.*

Her experience and wisdom will be greatly missed in the Serial Record Division, as will her sense of humor and good will. She and her husband, Jonathan, hope to move to Illinois.

_CONSERline_ (ISSN 1072-611X) is published at least semiannually (January and June) by the Library of Congress, Serial Record Division and OCLC, Inc. and contains news of the CONSER Program and information of interest to the serials cataloging community. For comments or suggestions, contact the editors: Jean Hirons, Library of Congress, Serial Record Division, Washington, DC 20540-4160, [email protected] (e-mail), 202-707-5947 (voice), 202-707-6333 (fax); Liz Bishoff, OCLC, Inc., 4545 Frantz Rd., Dublin, OH 43017-3395, [email protected] (e-mail), 800-848- 5878 (voice), 614-764-0740 (fax).

_CONSERline_ is available in electronic form only and is free of charge. To subscribe, send a mail message to [email protected] with the text: subscribe CONSRLIN [firstname lastname]. Back issues of _CONSERline_ will be available through the listserver and on LC Marvel. To find out what is available, send a mail message to [email protected] with the text: index CONSRLIN. To get a specific file, send a mail message to [email protected] with the text: get consrlin [filename].

All materials in the newsletter are in the public domain and may be reproduced, reprinted, and/or redistributed as desired. Citation to the source is requested.

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