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PCC SACO Funnel Projects

NACO Funnels

A NACO funnel project is a group of libraries that have joined together to contribute name authority records to the national authority file. Frequently, funnel members create records in modest numbers, and consolidate their efforts to make a more significant contribution in terms of quantity.

NACO funnels may be based on similarities among libraries for example:

  • Based on subject area, e.g., NACO Music Project, ArtNACO
  • Based on location, e.g., North Dakota Project
  • Based on membership in a consortium e.g., CALICO South Africa, GAELIC South Africa

See the current NACO funnel projects and coordinators

The PCC views funnel projects as a very efficient means of contribution. Efficiencies in a NACO funnel project include the following:

  • One person or institution serves as funnel coordinator for the project
  • Coordinator recruits participants and generally hosts training session
  • Coordinator receives correspondence and disseminates information to members
  • Coordinator may serve as trainer and reviewer for members, with help as needed
  • Members may share costs if a trainer has travel expenses
  • New member institutions may be added at any time

Other efficiencies include flexibility in the 5-day training schedule:

  • The standard 5-day training course may be spread out over a period of time for members
  • Training may be organized in fewer days, broken up into modules, and/or presented in conjunction with a conference

In some ways funnel projects are mini-NACO operations in that they recruit, train, and review just as the PCC Secretariat does for single institution participants. Major differences between individual institutional membership and funnel membership include the following:

  • Independent NACO status following training and review is granted only to funnel coordinator; it may be extended to member libraries at the discretion of the funnel coordinator.
  • In elections for representatives to the PCC Policy Committee, only the funnel coordinator casts a vote, representing the voice of the entire funnel group

Funnel coordinators or potential coordinators should read the Guidelines for starting a NACO Funnel Project below for a list of steps that must be completed before starting a project or adding new libraries. For more information contact: [email protected]

Guidelines for Starting a NACO Funnel Project (or Adding New Libraries to an existing Funnel)

Before starting a funnel project or adding new libraries to an existing funnel project, Funnel Coordinators should remember to do the following:

  1. At least 2 months before the training, send a list of libraries which are becoming members to [email protected] including the institution's MARC 21 identification code (formerly NUC code) to enable the gathering of funnel statistics for individual participants. A NACO candidate library or unit within a library lacking a MARC 21 organization code can apply online by visiting the MARC Standards and Network Development's website How to request new codes page.
  2. Have the individual library funnel participants submit a NACO Program application as described on the Application Form for Joining the NACO or SACO Program site.
  3. At least six weeks before training, each library must request NACO authorization(s) from OCLC by submitting the online OCLC Access & Authorization form. When a funnel coordinator notifies the PCC Secretariat that a new library is being added to the funnel project, the Secretariat notifies OCLC of their NACO eligibility. Each individual library is responsible for filing the request form. Once the online form has been submitted, OCLC will respond within 10 business days.

    If you receive no confirmation, or need to consult with OCLC about the authorization request, please contact:

    Luanne Goodson
    OCLC Quality Control Section
    email: [email protected]
    phone: 800.848.5878 x5274

  4. At least one month before the training, contact the PCC Secretariat for access to online training documentation and instructions for preparation.
  5. Be aware of the responsibilities of a Funnel Coordinator and how these differ from regular NACO participation.

Read the NACO Funnel FAQ

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