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Map of AfricaThe Africana Subject Authority Funnel Project [MARC21 code: CaStASA], or simply, the Africana Funnel, falls under the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Program known as SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program).

The funnel provides a mechanism for proposing Africa-related subject headings and changes to existing headings. The goal of the funnel is to improve access to Africana resources (including works on languages, ethnic groups, history and politics) by promoting and facilitating the creation (and revision) of relevant subject headings.

The funnel began in 1995 as a project of the Cataloging Committee of the Africana Librarians Council.External Link The Committee Chair, Liz Plantz (Northwestern University), was the first coordinator, followed by Joe Lauer (Michigan State University).

The current funnel coordinator is Margaret W. Hughes (Stanford University). If you would like to participate in the funnel or have questions about the funnel, please email: [email protected] or call: (650) 723-1259.