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May 18, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Jean-FrançoisMarquet, who is a philosophy professor at the Sorbonne, has written almost exclusively about the history of philosophy, philosophy in general, or about other philosophers.  Works about Marquet should be classed in B51.6.A3-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


Non-philosophical topics class with the topic instead of in B. The work is cataloged as the history of astronomy, and as such it should class in QB.  The proposal was not approved.

[BL2020.D479-.D4793] and related proposals

The proposal apparently sought to add Table BL4 to provide a number for biography.  However, Table BL4 is used for biography of Hindus or Sikhs, not for those who follow Ḍerā Saccā Saudā.  The Ḍerā Saccā Saudā religion is subarranged by Table BL6, which provides for biography at .x9-.x93.  The proposal to add Table BL4 was not necessary. 


DD901.A-Z consists of a list of cities, towns, etc., in Germany.  Geographic names do not need to be editorially established, per CSM F 350 sec. 2.  The proposal was not necessary.


This proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below, under Safi (South Asian people) for details.


This proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below, under Sunset Highway (Wash.) for details.


The proposal sought to add “Drinking” to the caption.  However, the caption in the hierarchy above is for Eating and drinking customs.  The proposal was not necessary.


Universidad Politécnica de Nicaragua is a technical school, not a university. It should be classed in T173.  The proposal was not necessary.

TD195.B38; TD195.F58

These proposals sought to establish numbers for the environmental impact of baseball stadiums and football stadiums respectively.  The meeting believes that the environmental impact of stadiums would not vary significantly based on the sports for which they are intended. The proposals were not approved.  A proposal for stadiums at TD195.S68 with an including note, “Including stadiums for baseball, football, and soccer,” will be substituted.


This number was proposed for cooking with a smoker, a type of appliance.  The meeting feels that the process of smoking foods does not necessarily involve such an appliance.  Further, the meeting would like to keep works on smoking foods together in the existing number TX609.  The proposal was not approved.

P-PZ20 176.5.M43

The work cat is an anthology of Cuban medical fiction of the 20th and 21st centuries.  The work should class in PQ7386, which does not need a proposal.  The proposal was not necessary.


Romance literature; Love stories

In LCSH, the heading Romance literature has been used for literary works written in the Romance languages. The heading Love stories is assigned for fiction that deals with romantic love.  Since love stories are often called romances in common parlance, the heading Romance fiction – which refers to fiction written in Romance languages – is often misapplied to love stories.  The newly approved genre/form term for fiction that deals with romantic love is Romance fiction.

In order to promote consistency between LCSH and LCGFT and to resolve the long-standing confusion over these headings, the LC subject heading Romance literature has been revised to Romance-language literature and its narrower terms have also been revised (e.g., Romance fiction has been revised to Romance-language fiction; Bawdy poetry, Romance to Bawdy poetry, Romance-language).  The revisions appear on this list.

The heading Love stories and headings in the form Love stories, [language or country] (e.g., Love stories, Hebrew; Love stories, Argentine) will be revised to Romance fiction and Romance fiction, [language or country], respectively.  The revisions will appear on a list no earlier than September 2015.

The project to revise these headings is being undertaken in two parts in order to give libraries time to update their bibliographic records for Romance-language literary works before the changes are made to Love stories.  Since the former heading Romance fiction (meaning fiction in Romance languages) will be the same as the revised heading for Love stories, confusion could result if both headings were revised at the same time.

The former heading reference Romance fiction see Romance-language fiction is provided as a service for those libraries whose ILSs automatically update headings.  It will be removed when the heading Love stories is updated, because a heading cannot match a UF reference.  A note about the history of the heading will be inserted into the record for Romance-language fiction.  

Providing information in English

When providing citations to research in a subject proposal, SHM H 202 states:The purpose of doing authority research and listing the sources consulted in the 670 (Sources found) and 675 (Sources not found) fields of the subject authority record is either to demonstrate the form(s) in which the term being proposed as a heading has been found in existing literature, or to document the fact that no citation to the term can be found in any likely sources except the work being cataloged.  The information recorded in the authority record serves as a record of how the cataloger decided on the terminology selected for the heading and UF references.  In addition, definitions of terms that are not readily available elsewhere, information on the intended scope and usage of the proposed heading, its relationship to, and distinction from, similar existing headings, and any peculiarities or other pertinent information about the heading are recorded here.  This information is used to guide the proposal through the editorial approval process.  The online subject authority record serves as a permanent record for future reference and consultation.

None of these goals can be accomplished if the cataloger does not provide citations to research including paraphrases and/or translations from the work being cataloged in the language of the catalog, which in this case is English.  For example, the following citation tells us little:

670     Work cat: Kānprakūat Sinlapakam Pō̜.Tō̜.Thō̜. (23rd : 2008 : Mahāwitthayālai Sinlapākō̜n). Yut-- lō̜k rō̜n phư̄a ʻanākhot, 2008.

No information in English was provided in this 670, and no other 670 was provided to support the proposal.

Please provide English translations or paraphrases from the work cat and other sources that give the reasoning behind the heading, information on its scope and usage, its relationship to, and distinction from, other headings, etc.

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1156, Literatures
                                    $x Romani authors

Other decisions:

Canadian literature (Japanese)

As stated in the Minutes of List 1408, headings for national literatures qualified by language are generally established for the language(s) of the colonial power that used to control the territory (e.g., Gabonese literature (French)) and for the major literatures of countries with diverse linguistic traditions (e.g., Swiss literature (French); Swiss literature (German)). 
According to SHM H 1156 section 2, Author Group Subdivisions, “for external author groups, that is, those living outside the country normally associated with the literature to which they are contributing, use simple geographic subdivision.”  The heading Japanese literature—Canada should be assigned to the work being cataloged.
The proposal was not necessary.

Canadian poetry (Japanese)

The existing heading Japanese poetry—Canada is the approved heading for this concept.  The proposal was not approved.

Canterbury Estate (Bradford, West Yorkshire, England)

SHM H 405 places planned communities in Group 1, headings established according to descriptive cataloging conventions with authority records that always reside in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Critical pedagogy

The proposal sought to add the UF Critical literacy onto the existing heading Critical pedagogy.  However, the terms are not synonymous.  Critical pedagogy is an educational philosophy and critical literacy is a skill acquired via education.  The proposal was not approved.

Diospyros mollis

In the Catalogue of Life Dynamic Checklist ( ), Diospyros mollis (Kurz) Gürke is given as a synonym of Diospyros martabanica, and Diospyros mollis Griff is given as an accepted species. Both records in the Catalogue of Life were last scrutinized on September 5, 2014.  Additional research should be done to discover which term is preferred.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Dorney Lake (England)

One of the 670s in this proposal characterized Dorney Lake as a boathouse and the other characterized it as an artificial lake.  The meeting feels that the boathouse and the lake should not be conflated in a single heading.  A proposal for the boathouse and/or the lake may be resubmitted.

Noegel family

The second UF on this proposal is Nägel family for which a heading already exists (sh 85089511).  The variants Noegel and Nogel will be added onto the existing record.  The proposal was not approved.

Hawkins grenades

LCSH does not include any specific models of grenade, and the meeting feels that assigning the existing heading Grenades would provide enough specificity.  The proposal was not approved.

Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Wash. and Idaho)

The website for this entity says,
“The Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex includes three National Wildlife Refuges, several subunits, and conservation easements in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho.  The refuges, Turnbull, Little Pend Oreille and Kootenai, are managed as a complex, sharing common work priorities, budgets, and some staff.  Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge serves as the complex headquarters.  Despite common management oversight, each of the three complex refuges is unique.”

It is clear from information provided on the website for this complex that the Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex performs management functions for its subunits including the three refuges, which are individual entities that do not share borders.  Because of its corporate nature and function the Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Wash. and Idaho) has been established in the name authority file (n 2015027272).  Similar wildlife refuge complexes that have been established previously in LCSH will also be moved to the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Landes-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Tiegenhof

The cataloger noted in the proposal that headings for similar facilities have been established in the name authority file. This heading should also be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Paternity leave

The book is about both maternity leave and paternity leave and can be cataloged using the existing heading Parental leave, per SHM H 180 sec. 5.  The proposal was not approved.

Philosophy, Cameroonian

The classification number in the 053 must be proposed.  Proposals for the heading and the classification number may be resubmitted.

Prisoner’s writings, Sindhi

The work being cataloged is the diary of a prisoner, which should be assigned a subject heading for the name of the prisoner and another Prisoners—Diaries.  Headings such as the one proposed are assigned only to collections of writings by multiple authors (see SHM H 1775 sec. 3.a).  The proposal was not necessary.
Rajasthani literature—1500-1800

Chronological subdivisions are based on significant periods in the history of the topic.  The cataloger provided no evidence that 1800 is a significant date in Rajasthani literature. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Safi (South Asian people)

The cataloger cited Joshua Project, but none of the variants by which this group is known that Joshua Project lists were provided as UFs.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Santa Claus

The subject heading Santa Claus has two RTs: Department store Santas and Saint Nicholas’ Day.  Proposals for the necessary changes to the two related headings should accompany the cancellation proposal for Santa Claus.  The proposals may be resubmitted.

Speaking styles

While the concept of speaking styles does appear in the literature, it does not appear in linguistics dictionaries and encyclopedias except as a running phrase in articles about prosodic analysis.  Speaking styles could be defined as using a different style of speaking, gesturing, etc., when in different contexts (e.g., making a formal presentation versus speaking in a meeting, versus talking to friends).  Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines prosodic analysis as “(a) analysis of speech, language, etc., in terms of prosody; an instance of this; (b) phonology analysis of language based on patterns of stress, intonation, etc., in different contexts (in systemic grammar regarded as an essential foundation for the analysis of syntax and meaning).”

Given the OED’s second definition, speaking styles is more-or-less equivalent to Prosodic analysis.   There may be a slight difference, but it is not significant enough to merit two subject headings in a general vocabulary like LCSH.  Speaking styles will be added as an upward UF to Prosodic analysis (Linguistics).  The proposal was not approved.

Sunset Highway (Wash.)

The existing heading United States Highway 26 has a UF Sunset Highway. The cataloger should disambiguate the two entries.  The proposal may be resubmitted.
Telecommunication—Transmitters and transmission

This proposal sought to add the BT Wireless communication systems, however, transmitters are not always wireless, and the communication systems for which they transmit are not always wireless.  The proposal was not approved.

Via Teutonica (Germany and Italy)

Research provided in the proposal should include information about the location or extent of the road.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Zubayd (Arab tribe)

The BTs chosen for this record were not supported with research cited in the 670s.  The proposal may be resubmitted.