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The Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project, begun Winter 2002, falls under the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Program known as SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program) PCC SACO Home Page.

It is a project that was initiated through the interest of PCC participant Nancy Sack, University of Hawaii at Manoa, who will serve as the coordinator for this regional subject funnel. The host institution for the project is the University of Hawaii at Manoa which is the flagship campus of the University of Hawaii system and the premier institution of higher learning and research in the Pacific Basin.

Currently the funnel project is concentrating on the creation of new subject headings and the changing or updating of old subject headings that are reflected in the collections of the Hawaiian Islands and surrounding Pacific Basin. It is envisioned that the forthcoming contributions will be able to provide greater and better access to these regional materials through this project. To date many successful proposals have been forwarded, with the first approved project heading being

"Nukumanu Atoll (Papua New Guinea)" sh2002009692

Anyone interested in becoming a participant in the funnel project should contact Nancy Sack, University of Hawaii at Manoa, by email at: [email protected] or by telephone: 808.956.2648.

Current participants in the Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority (SACO) Funnel Project include:

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  • Bernice P. Bishop Museum (HHB)
  • Honolulu Community College (HHC)
  • Kapiolani Community College (HHK)
  • Kauai Community College (HiLiKCC)
  • Leeward Community College (HPcL)
  • Maui Community College (HiKhMCC)
  • University of Guam (GuAgU)
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo (HHlU)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (HU)
  • Windward Community College (HiKaWCC)