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Why would you want to join the SACO Program?

There are proven benefits to SACO members as a result of the program’s mission and goals:       

  • Involvement in a program that is shaping the future of subject cataloging practice
  • Participation in the review and development of cost-efficient national and international subject cataloging standards
  • Opportunity to design and develop training course material
  • Participation in PCC standing committees and task forces that define and extend the SACO Program's policies, objectives, and standards 
  • Reduction in the costs of cataloging operations
  • Reduction in the burden of cataloging commonly-held materials
  • Reduction in the amount of local authority creation and maintenance
  • Representation on the PCC Policy Committee
  • Increase in the number of catalogers working globally at defined cataloging standards
  • Increase in the number of cataloging records that can be used with little or no local editing
  • Increase in the number of authority records available to the larger library community
  • Access to free online training materials and selected cataloging documentation
  • Participation in career development opportunities through interaction with colleagues around the world

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