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Doing Business with the Library

The Library of Congress is committed to attracting suppliers of quality goods and services. The Contracts and Grants Directorate strives to provide timely, quality service obtaining the best value goods and services for Library clients.

Tenets of Library Acquisition

The tenets of the Library of Congress' acquisition are:

  • Transparency and clarity of our contract requirements.
  • Fair and equitable treatment for all interested offerors and vendors, preserving the confidence of our business partners.
  • Sound stewardship of our taxpayer and donor funds, awarding contracts to individuals or companies that offer the best value to Library clientele.
  • Reliable and consistent management of our contracts and agreements.
  • Competent and responsive staff applying industry best practices to fulfill constituent expectations and the Library’s mission.

Notice to Customers and Donors Making Payment by Check

All personal checks received by the Library of Congress Disbursing Office, will be converted into an electronic funds transfer (EFT). This means the Disbursing Office will electronically scan your check, which will make both a front and back copy of your check and use the account information on it to electronically debit your account for the amount of the check. The debit from your account will usually occur within 24 hours, and will be shown on your regular bank account statement.

You will not receive your original check back. We will destroy your original check, but we will retain the copy of it. If the EFT cannot be processed for technical reasons, you authorize us to process the copy in place of your original check. If the EFT cannot be completed because of insufficient funds, we may try to make the transfer up to two times.

Privacy Act – A Privacy Act Statement required by 5 U.S.C. § 552a(e)(3) stating our authority for soliciting and collecting the information from your check, and explaining the purposes and routine uses which will be made of your check information, is available from our internet site at, or call at 202-707-5202 to obtain a copy by mail. Furnishing the check information is voluntary, but a decision not to do so may require you to make payment by some other method.