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How We Buy

Now that you know what we purchase you also need to know how we purchase. Before you read about the marketing of goods and services to the Library of Congress, you should understand the manner in which we solicit and award our contracts.

We are Different

The Library of Congress is a Federal Government agency that is a part of the Legislative Branch. Because of this status, we are not subject to many of the laws that ordinarily apply to Executive Branch Agencies. While we follow the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in spirit and content, we have the authority to deviate from the FAR when it is in the best interest of the Library to do so. The Library is not subject to the Small Business Act. However, the Library continually seeks out and fosters contract opportunities for small, minority, and woman-owned businesses.


A foundation of our purchasing policy is competition. We compete the majority of our contracts. We do follow the FAR standard of "full and open competition." We ensure that the Library receives both the best value and a fair and reasonable price. We evaluate offerors based on the quality, schedule, past performance, and price, providing contracting opportunities to all American businesses and entrepreneurs. Specific evaluation criteria are set forth in Library solicitations.  We are always looking to expand the diversity of our supplier base.


The Library advertises and solicits for quotes and proposals through several public websites, including the Federal Business Opportunities, GSA Advantage, NASA SEWP, and NITAAC portals. 

The FEDLINK Program

FEDLINK is the Library of Congress' government-wide multi-agency cooperative contracting program which is sponsored by the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC). The FEDLINK Contracts staff awards approximately 5,000 contractual actions for over 500 Federal Agencies valued at $113 million annually.

Information about the FEDLINK Program procurement opportunities are listed under "Contracting and Vendor Services" on the FEDLINK Web site.

Payment (Invoices)

The preferred method of receiving invoices is electronically by emailing your invoices to

The mailing address for Accounts Payable is:

Library of Congress
OCFO/AD/AOS (9112) Office
101 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20540-9112

While the Library of Congress is not subject to the Prompt Payment Act, it is our policy to process invoices for payment 30 days from delivery and acceptance of goods/services or the receipt of a proper invoice, whichever is later, unless alternate payment terms are specified in the contract/purchase order.

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