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This form is intended for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse complaints involving unclassified information. We automatically collect the following information when you submit a complaint: the IP address from which you access our website. The IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Web. This information does not identify you personally. For data security purposes, we employ software programs that analyze and monitor network traffic and identify and prevent unauthorized attempts to access or cause harm to any information you provide or the system we use to store and maintain that information.

Part I - Your Information

Your selection of one of the three filing options below implies that you have reviewed the provided information and understand the choice you are making. Please keep in mind that your decision to elect anonymity may limit our ability to conduct an inquiry, if one is warranted, or to appropriately address your issue. In the event our office needs to contact you for additional information or clarification, please provide an e-mail or physical address and/or telephone number where you feel comfortable accepting our contact. Your complaint cannot be processed without your election below.

Part II - Allegation Details

Use this section to provide details of your allegation(s). Please clearly state the subject of your complaint (applicable office or component, personnel, and/or program affected), and provide names, dates, times, and locations in the applicable fields. Also state how you became aware of the problem and efforts made thus far to correct the problem. Let us know which other offices you have contacted for assistance and whether you have outstanding complaints with those offices. If you have supporting documentation or chronologies, it would be helpful to attach those documents along with your complaint filing. You will be given an opportunity to upload documents for submittal at the end of this form.

Provide a summary of your complaint, to include an event chronology, if appropriate.
Part III - Certifications

Please check the boxes below to certify that you agree with the following statements.

Part IV - Document Uploads

If you have supporting documentation that you wish to provide with this complaint form, please use the ''Supporting Documentation'' field below. Do not send classified documents using this unclassified Internet system. We recommend that you scan your documents together into one electronic file, not to exceed 5 MB in file memory size.

This is a Library of Congress Inspector General document. Access to this document is limited to persons with a need to know for the purpose of providing a response to the LOC IG. This document is not to be released, reproduced, or disseminated, in whole or in part, outside the LOC without the prior written approval of the LOC IG or his/her designee. Other than authorized OIG personnel, no one is to receive, review, or make copies of this document.

Note: The Library of Congress Legal Notices page explains how email is treated with regard to privacy.

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If you have any questions or comments, please call us at the following number: (202) 707-6314.

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