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Your thoughtful interest to develop the Library of Congress collections helps ensure our collections remain strong. Thank you –the rich, diverse, and enduring source of knowledge collected is as amazing as the myriad of people who rely on it.

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world and a lot of consideration goes into accepting potential collection donations. Each offer is carefully reviewed by Library staff. We do this to ensure that any item accepted into the Library of Congress collections can be properly cared for while meeting the needs of users. To best meet the needs of users, the Library selectively accepts scholarly and research materials that extend the breadth and depth of our collections.

Note that many items published may already be in the Library of Congress. Before completing the form, please search the Library of Congress Online Catalog to check whether or not your item is already part of the Library’s collection.

If you do not find your item and are interested in donating the gift of a potential collection item(s) to the Library of Congress, please fill out the form below. The information will assist the appropriate Library professionals in assessing the offer. Please note that the Library of Congress cannot make an estimation or appraisal regarding the monetary value of the gift.

Charitable monetary gifts are also appreciated and can be made at

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