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Bani Basu, 1939-


Image of Bani Basu, 1939- (photo credit: Bikas Das)

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  1. Sera baro.
    Kalakata : Bikasa Grantha Bhabana, 1999.
    (LCCN: 99933814)
  2. Ashtama garbha.
    1. samskarana. Kalakata : Ananda Pabalisarsa, 2000.
    (LCCN: 99957183)
    • "Haribamsa - 4 - Gopijanaballabha"
      MP3 excerpt: pp. 73-80
  3. Maitreya Jataka.
    1. samskarana. Kalakata : Ananda Publishers, 1999.
    (LCCN: 2001291951)

Born on March 11, 1939 in Calcutta, Bani Basu is one of Bengali literature's most talented and creative women writers. From the start of her career in the 1970s, she caught the attention of critics rather than the general audience. By setting her stories in contemporary West Bengal and populating them with lifelike characters, she provided an introspective glimpse at modern society. She experiments with story telling techniques, rearranging events and presenting readers with powerful dialogs. Her stylized use of language, her strong sense of history and sociology, and her excellent crafting are best displayed in her novel Maitreya Jataka. It is hailed by critics as a classic and an important contribution to modern Bengali literature.

Her widely read novels include Gandharbi, Pancama purusha, and Ashtama garbha . Her short stories Svetapatharera thala and Radhanagara reflect her versatility.

She is a lecturer of English in a college of West Bengal. She has received many awards including Tarasankar Puraskar, 1991: Ananda Puraskar, 1997; and the Siromani Award, 1997.

The Library of Congress has nineteen titles by her.

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January 11, 2016
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