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Gopal Chhotray, 1916-


Image of Gopal Chhotray, 1916- (photo credit: Brij Mahajan)

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  1. Pheria.
    Kataka : Granthamandira, 1989.
    (Originally published in 1947).
    (LCCN: 2001291559)
    MP3 excerpt: pp. 1-10
  2. Parakalama.
    Kataka : Janasakti Pustakalaya, 1984.
    (Originally published in 1955).
    (LC does not own this title; also not in OCLC database)
    MP3 excerpt: pp. 34-41
  3. Sei phula.
    1 ed. Kataka : Granthamandira, 1989.
    (LCCN: 90902198)
    MP3 excerpt: pp. 16-19

A pioneer in the history of Oriya drama, Gopal Chhotray is a keen observer and witness of all special features of Orissan society and tradition. He is credited with having revived the Geetinatya or ‘plays in verses' genre in Orissa in late forties that ushered a renewed interest in the rich Orissan performing arts. An intrinsic quality of his plays lies in the manner in which the speech of the actor is laced with satire and humor. This endearing element has equally connected him with not only his intellectual mates but also the common man on the street.

He had a long association with the All India Radio, Cuttack, Orissa and went on to write many memorable plays, operas, short-plays and screenplays and 8 of them have been translated into Hindi, English and Telugu.He is a recipient of both central Sahitya Akademi and state Sahitya Akademi awards and has also translated major Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati plays into Oriya.

His important works are: Sahadarmini (1941), Panchanatika (1993), Na Pahu Rati (1971), Kapatapasha (1989), Hasyarasara nataka (1981), and Babu Candramani (1992).

The Library of Congress has twenty-five books by him in its collection


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January 11, 2016
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