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C. S. Lakshmi (Ambai), 1944-


Image of C. S. Lakshmi (Ambai), 1944-  (photo credit: Gaurav Sharma)

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  1. Cirakukal muriyum.
    1 patippu. P.K. Books, 1976.
    (LCCN : 76902330)
  2. Vittin mulaiyil oru camayal arai.
    1st ed. Madras : Cre-A, 1988.
    (LCCN : 88904017)

C. S. Lakshmi (Ambai), born in 1944 in Tamil Nadu, is a distinguished fiction writer in Tamil. Her works are characterized by her passionate espousal of the cause of women, humor, a lucid and profound style, and a touch of realism. She is one of the most important Tamil writers today. She is the only Tamil writer to have been included in the recently published Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature edited by Amit Chaudhuri. Most of her stories are about relationships and they contain brilliant observations about contemporary life. Exploration of space, silence, coming to terms with one's body or sexuality, and the importance of communication are some of the recurring themes in her works.

A Doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University in the 1970's, she is presently the Director of Sound & Picture Archives for Research on Women (SPARROW) in Mumbai. She is a recipient of Narayanaswamy Aiyar Prize for her fiction. Among her works are Sirakukal muriyum, Vittin mulaiyil oru camaiyalarai and The Face behind the mask : Women in Tamil literature. Many of her stories have been translated into English. The Library of Congress holds five of her writings in its collection.

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January 11, 2016
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