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Kedarnath Singh, 1934-


Image of Kedarnath Singh, 1934- (photo credit: Gaurav Sharma)

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  1. Abhi bilakula abhi.
    Samskarana 1. Nai Dilli : Pravina Prakasana, 1996
    (LCCN: 96902698)
    • "Jine ke lie kucha sartem"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 76-77
    • "Prakriya"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 15-16
  2. Zamina paka rahi hai.
    4. samskarana. Nayi Dilli : Prakasana Samsthana, 2000.
    (LCCN: 80902037. LC has different edition)
    • "Surya"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 7-8
    • "Eka prema-kavita ko parhakara"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 52-54
    • "Adhi rata"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 55
    • "Dhupa mem ghore para bahasa"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 89-91
    • "Jo eka stri ko janata hai"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 61-64
  3. Yaham se dekho. 3 avrtti. Nayi Dilli : Radhakrshna Prakasana, 1995.
    (LCCN: 83903757. LC has different edition)
    • "Tuta hua traka"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 13-14
    • "Do minata ka mauna"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 15-16
    • "Banarasa"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 20-22
    • "San 47 ko yada karate hue"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 77-78
  4. Akala mem sarasa : kavitaem, 1983-87.
    2. samskarana. Nayi Dilli : Rajakamala Prakasana, 1990.
    (LCCN: 88902375. LC has different edition)
    • "Kucha sutra jo eka kisana bapa ne bete ko diye"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 18-19
    • "Akala mem duba"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 20-21
    • "Priya pathaka"
      MP3 excerpt: p. 108-110
  5. Uttara Kabira aura anya kavitaem.
    2. samskarana. Nai Dilli : Rajakamala Prakasana, 1999.
    (LC has not acquired this title)
  6. Bagha.
    1. samskarana. Nai Dilli : Bharatiya Jnanapitha, 1996.
    (LCCN: 96905084)

Kedarnath Singh, born in 1934, is a noted Hindi poet of the modernist trend. He is appreciated mainly for the lyrical quality of his poems, perfectly in tune with his sensitive treatment of the multi-dimensional relationship between man and nature. His poems, marked by clarity and compassion, touch up on issues confronting his times. Although excessive use of imagery and symbolism filled his early poems, his poetry seems to have evolved over time, transforming itself in new directions. The general tendency in his poetry is that of capturing moods rather than being descriptive. He is known for his economy of words, never overstating his case.

He has retired as professor in the School of Indian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has edited an anthology of Hindi poetry after 1960 for the Sahitya Akademi and has translated into Hindi the poetry of Brecht, Baudelaire, and Rilke.

Akala mem sarasa received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1989. He has also received the Hindi Akademi Award and the much coveted "Kumaran Asan" (Kerala) Award.

The Library of Congress has nine of his works and two on him.

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January 11, 2016
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