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Sankha Ghosh, 1932-


Image of Sankha Ghosh , 1932- (photo credit: Bikas Das)

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Well-known Bengali poet, academician and critic, Sankha Ghosh was born on February 5, 1932 in Chandpur, in present day Bangladesh. His mastery over language and his absolute control over the form of poetry mark his poems with an exemplary quality of proportion, grace and depth. His poems convey message, but are refreshingly free of polemics.

Ghosh is lyrical, reflective, and introverted in some of his poems. Other poems reflect a sense of anguish towards the superficiality of our society and existence. His commitment as a poet is well-pronounced in many of his unforgettable creations such as Murkho baro, samajika naya, chapa srshti karuna, etc. Poems such as Dinaguli rataguli and Nihita patalachaya are examples of perfect application of control and proportion. His Babarera prathana won him the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1977.

Sankha Ghosh is the recipient of many awards including Narasimh Das Puraskar, 1977; Kumaran Asan Prize, 1982; Rabindra Puraskar, 1989; Kamalkumari Award, 1993, Saraswati Samman, 1998, Sahitya Akademi Award, 1977. His poems have been translated into a number of Indian and foreign languages.

The Library of Congress has thirty-eight titles in its collection by him including translations.

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