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Careers at the Library of Congress

How We Are Organized

Office of the Librarian

The Office of the Librarian has several components, including the Deputy Librarian who oversees the development office as well as the office of the general counsel and the office of opportunity, inclusiveness and compliance; the office of the chief of staff; the office of the chief communications officer; the office of the chief information officer; and the office of strategic planning and performance management.

Congressional Research Service

CRS serves the Congress by providing comprehensive and reliable legislative research and analysis that are timely, objective, authoritative, and confidential, contributing to an informed national legislature.


The U.S. Copyright Office promotes creativity and innovation by administering the U.S. copyright law, which provides writers, artists, and other authors with the freedom and economic incentive to develop original creative works. In so doing, copyright enriches the cultural output of the nation.

Law Library of Congress

Congress established its Law Library in 1832 to provide ready access to reliable legal materials. The primary mission of the Law Library of Congress is to provide Congress with authentic and authoritative research on foreign, international and comparative law, and a wide range of legal reference services. The Law Library has grown over the years to become the world's largest law library, with an international collection of more than three million volumes spanning the ages and covering nearly every jurisdiction in the world.

Library Services

Library Services is a dynamic environment in which staff members acquire, describe, secure, serve, and preserve the uniquely rich and universal collections of the largest library in the world. In rendering collections accessible to patrons of the Library of Congress – current and future – Library Services also provides services to libraries around the world through our bibliographic information, standards setting, and digital collections

National & International Outreach

National and International Outreach manages the public facing programs and activities of the Library of Congress with the mission of broadening awareness and use of the Library and its resources through outreach and external partnerships.

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

The Office of the Chief Operating Officer consolidates infrastructure support operations. The offices include the chief financial officer, contracts and grants management, integrated support services, human resources services, and security and emergency preparedness.

Office of the Chief Information Officer

The purpose of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is to provide the IT leadership, services and capabilities that support the Library’s current and future mission requirements.

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